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 Rent-A-Map™ with TimeShare® CANCELLED!!!

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Perfe <3
Perfe <3

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Rent-A-Map™ with TimeShare® CANCELLED!!! Empty
ПисанеЗаглавие: Rent-A-Map™ with TimeShare® CANCELLED!!!   Rent-A-Map™ with TimeShare® CANCELLED!!! Icon_minitime1Нед Май 24, 2020 2:59 pm

Yesterday we announced our new Rent-A-Map™ feature and the initial reactions were great! Paying a small fee to support development for something you could have used for free otherwise seemed to really inspire our playerbase.

However, it also inspired a bunch of lawyers to send us an email about the legal obligations once you call something 'rent'. Apparently once we rent out our maps we are also legally obligated to maintain and support said maps for the foreseeable future. This would not be a problem for our official maps, but since we were planning to apply the Rent-A-Map™ system to all custom maps out there (more than 1500!), we'll be maintaining maps for the rest of our foreseeable lives!

We were trying to make the maps make money for us, not the other way around. So, Rent-A-Map™ will be put on hold for now and we're going back to the drawing board to think up another way to make quick money with minimal effort. We're already exploring several routes, including lootboxes and nanotransactions, so stay tuned for more updates April First 2021!

Rent-A-Map™ with TimeShare® CANCELLED!!! Rent-a13

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Rent-A-Map™ with TimeShare® CANCELLED!!! Hl-pod11
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Rent-A-Map™ with TimeShare® CANCELLED!!!
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